Columbus Fire 2016 review

Fire 2016 Season Review

The Columbus Fire Football Coaches and Staff would like to CONGRATULATE the following individuals for making this year's 2016 PAFL All Star Team.

Fire 2016 All Stars

Rico Middlebrooks DE Renault Thomas RB Nick Thompson DT Mickale Wiggins MLB Maurice Douse RB Matt Neal Right Tackle Justin Porter Center Jameel Peeples DE Dae Dae Moore Chad Hounshell brandonhanna Alek Shirvanian K

Fire Vs.Cobras Playoffs Round 2.

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2016 PAFL Playoffs First Round Vs. Cleveland Patriots

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Ohio Golden Knights

Columbus Fire vs. Ohio Golden Knights


Fire 44 vs. Golden Knights 6

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Racine Raiders

Fire vs. Racine

Columbus Fire 19 vs. Racine Raiders 26

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Cleveland Cobrascobras

Columbus Falls to Cleveland

Pa Jags


Pa. Jags 6 vs. Columbus Fire 48

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Fire Vs Storm


Columbus Fire Wins 8-0

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Indianapolis at Fire

13295391_10153790374629601_6868054_nColumbus Fire win 31-13

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Fire at Western Pa.Columbus Fire Vs. WPA

Columbus Fire fall to WPA

Fire at Nashville StormColumbus Fire @ Nashville Storm

The #1 Nationally ranked Columbus Fire lose to The #6 Nashville Storm 39-27

Fire vs. Columbus Gladiators

Fire Vs Gladiators

Fire victory 48-12 in Preseason action. 

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Columbus Fire 2016 Banquet 


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 2016 National ChampionsFire National Champions

Game Information

2015 Championship SeasonFire Championship trophy

Season Information

Fire Award Winners

Mickale Wiggins #9 LB 2 INTS
Mickale Wiggins #9 LB 2 INTS
Alan McPherson #71 OL no sacks and BIG positive yards.
Alan McPherson #71 OL no sacks and BIG positive yards.
Brandon Hanna #7 QB 3 Passing TD's and 2 Rushing
Brandon Hanna #7 QB 3 Passing TD's and 2 Rushing
Mike Tatum #1 WR 2 Receiving TD's
Mike Tatum #1 WR 2 Receiving TD's